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Mr Charles Dohvoma BDS, FFDRCS(Oral Surg)
Consultant Oral Surgeon
Conditions & Procedures

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

TMJ and Oro-Facial Pain Management

The wisdom teeth (or third molars) are ussually the last teeth to erupt into the mouth in the late teens and early twenties. When there is not enough room to accomodate these teeth then they can become impacted
An impacted tooth can cause a number of problems for example:
  • Repeated attacks of infection in the surrounding gums
  • Food impaction causing decay
  • Cyst in the jaws around the unerupted and impacted wisdom tooth
Treatment in the presence of the above problems often require surgery.
We have extensive experience and expertise carrying out the surgery, there are various options and our caring team can discuss your particular needs during a consultation appointment.
The surgery can be carried out under local anaesthetics alone or with sedation and in some patients a general anaesthetics is necessary.
We are a professional, caring and friendly team and will use the technique suited for each individual patient.
The Jaw Joint (TMJ) is a complex joint made up of two bones separated by a disc of cartilage and surrounded by ligaments and four chewing muscles.
Jaw joint problems are very common affecting reported 25 to 40% of the population at some stage in their lives. In some instances only the muscles (myogenic) are affected whereas in ohers the cartilage, ligament or bones may be at fault.
The presentation of the jaw joint problems varies but commonly:
  • Pain
  • Joint Noises
  • Headaches/Muscle Pain/Ear ache
  • Limitation of Mouth opening
  • Sensitive teeth
After careful evaluation we offer the full range of modern treatment modality for the condition from conservative management to surgery when indicated.
This is an area of special interest and all orofacial pain conditions are investigated and appropiate treatment offered.

Dental Implant Surgery

Jaw Cyst Surgery and Apicectomy

An apicectomy is a surgical procedure designed to treat a tooth when conventional root canal therapy has failed, a jaw cyst can cause infections and depending on location can also weaken the jaw bone. There are different types of jaw cysts.
The team carries out this procedure expertly using modern techniques with magnification and micro-instrumentation. We are happy to discuss this further with you or get your dentist to send in a referral
Our clinic carry out placement of straumann dental implants to replace missing teeth. The nursing staff have undergone specific training with straumann for these procedure and we are happy to discuss your particular needs.
In addition we carry out bone graft to enable satisfactory implant placement.
Speak to your dentist or contact for more information about implants.

Maxillofacial injuries

Oral and Facial Soft Tissue Surgery

All dental, oral, jaws and facial injuries can be assessed by the team if need be, please note that all injuries presenting to Nobles Emergency Department are normally assessed and treated within the NHS unless specifically requested.
We carry out surgery to lumps and bumps in the mouth and face. The love of ones face is only second to the love of ones life therefore we aim to produce excellent aesthetic results.